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New Legislation By Assemblymember Ting Keeps Bridge Crossings In California Free for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

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New Legislation By Assemblymember Ting Keeps Bridge Crossings In California Free for Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Against the backdrop of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) today unveiled AB 2669, which would ensure that people walking or bicycling across a toll bridge in California will never pay a fee. Ting and advocates for pedestrians and bicyclists believe that ensuring cost-free access to our state’s bridges will result in continued environmental benefits, while also encouraging exercise and healthy living. 

“We have spent decades promoting active lifestyles to improve our health and carbon-free transportation alternatives to combat our climate crisis. We must continue the progress we’ve made. A toll charge on non-drivers will only set us back,” said Ting. “My bill ensures everyone has free access to bike and walk across California’s bridges, encouraging more people to get out of their cars and enjoy the outdoors.”

Ting’s proposal comes as the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District is considering vehicle toll hikes to grapple with its significant budget shortfall. Back in 2014, the Bridge District considered charging pedestrians and bicyclists a fee for crossings, which has been free for sidewalk users since 1970. In response the following year, Ting successfully championing AB 40, which prohibited tolls on pedestrians and bicyclists for five years. That law expired in January 2021, leaving the door open for a toll on non-drivers. AB 2669 ensures that tolls on people who walk or ride their bicycle across any state-owned bridge are off the table permanently.

"People travel from around the world to walk or bike on our iconic Bay Area bridges, but they're also important connectors for people getting to work, spending quality time with friends and family, exercising, or simply going where they need to go. We have worked for decades to encourage walking and biking as easy, efficient, and affordable ways to get around. This bill would guarantee that our values are reflected when people cross these beautiful landmarks."

As many as 10,000 people and 6,000 bicyclists cross the Golden Gate Bridge each day. No charge for non-vehicle access exemplifies California’s commitment to public recreation, while fostering sustainable ways to move around. AB 2669 protects this legacy not only for the Golden Gate Bridge, but for all toll bridges in the state.

All eight of California’s toll bridges are located in the Bay Area. AB 2669 would apply to the six state-owned bridges that have bike/pedestrian access, plus the Golden Gate Bridge:

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Antioch Bridge
  • San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge
  • Dumbarton Bridge
  • Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
  • Benicia-Martinez Bridge
  • Carquinez Bridge

Hearings on AB 2669 are expected to begin this Spring.