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2016 Legislation

AB 1638: Establishes a pilot program in Kern County allowing local government authority over planned installation of traffic control devices by the Department of Transportation

AB 1677, Tour Bus Safety – enables communities in which tour buses operate to enter into MOUs with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to get more safety inspections of tour buses operating on local roads.

AB 1732, All Gender Bathroom Access – strengthens restroom use fairness, convenience, and safety by requiring all single occupancy restrooms to be designated “all gender” so that any person can use that single occupancy restroom.

AB 1838, Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Foster Youth – provides critical support for foster youth parents by increasing the infant supplement paid as a monthly benefit and allowing expectant mothers to collect the infant supplement six months prior to birth to improve prenatal care access.

AB 2039, Safe Sharps Disposal– requires sharps manufacturers to develop plans to safely collect and dispose home-generated sharps so that waste disposal workers who sift through waste are not exposed to health risks, such as HIV or hepatitis, when stuck by improperly disposed syringes.

AB 2141, Healthy Food at Corner Stores – brings energy efficient refrigeration to neighborhood corner stores in order to expand fresh and healthy food options to communities in urban areas that lack access to full-services grocery stores.

AB 2180, Expediting Housing Construction – helps confront California’s housing crisis by reducing the housing construction permit approval process after environmental impacts are assessed by up to 5 months for housing projects and 3 months for affordable housing projects.

AB 2252, Protecting Voting Rights through Emailed Ballots – allows voters with disabilities to vote with the same conveniences that is afforded to military and overseas voters by receiving their vote by mail ballots by email.

AB 2428, Expanding Parks and Recreation Activities in San Francisco– enables the City and County of San Francisco to lease state-owned spaces underneath highways beneath the market rate in order to develop green spaces, parks, and recreational activities.

AB 2437, Protecting Nail Salon Workers – provides education and outreach to salon owners and employees about workplace laws, which they may be unaware of due to language barriers.  

AB 2509, Bike Lanes – encourages safe and responsible bicycling in California by allowing cyclists to ride side by side in designated bikeways and to use the entire bikeway.

AB 2598, Commemorating Lunar New Year – requires the Governor to annually designate Lunar New Year’s Day in California and encourages public schools and educational institutions to organize commemorative exercises.

AB 2607, Gun Violence Restraining Order Expansion – protects workers and students from gun violence by expanding who can file a gun violence restraining order in order to temporarily remove guns possessed by people determined by a court to be danger to themselves or other persons.

AB 2861, Energy Storage Interconnectivity – requires the California Public Utilities Commission to create an expedited resolution process between a wind, solar, or energy storage developer and electrical corporations when disputes arise regarding energy storage interconnectivity

ACR 126: Designates February 19, 2016, as a Day of Remembrance in order to increase awareness of the events surrounding the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II