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2021 Legislation

AB 10: Requires public schools to have a reopening plan in place and to implement it within two weeks of when the schools' county enters the red, yellow or orange tiers.

AB 33: Expands the eligibility of projects under the California Energy Commission’s (CEC’s) Energy Conservation Assistance Account (ECAA) to include installation of energy storage systems and electric vehicle charging stations.

AB 413: Extends the Transitional Housing Placement-Plus program for youth ages 18-24 formerly in the foster youth or probation system by allocating additional state funds.

AB 478: Establishes minimum content standards for thermoform food containers, ultimately requiring 30% recycled materials in such packaging.

AB 561: Creates a financing program for income-eligible Californians who want to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on their property to rent out or house family.

AB 1200: Starting in 2023, prohibits food packaging that contains intentionally added perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS; also requires manufacturers of  cookware to post on their website a list of chemicals in their pots and pans that are on DTSC's Candidate Chemical LIst; additionally prohibits misleading advertising on cookware, claiming a product is free of a specific chemical when other chemicals are present.

AB 1201: Prohibits the sale of a plastic product that is labeled with the term “compostable,” “home compostable,” or “soil biodegradable” unless the product meets specified standards.

AB 1237: Requires the California Department of Justice to release the state's gun violence data to researchers. 

AB 1238: Repeals California's jaywalking laws, which have unfairly burdened communities of color and sometimes lead to violent/deadly encounters with police.

AB 1308: Automatically clears the records of certain offenders who already qualify for expungement under current law so they can get jobs & housing; retroactive to eligible offenses dating back to1973.

AB 1452: Authorizes San Francisco County to test whether increasing the pay of low-income jurors from $15/day to $100/day would diversify juries, leading to fairer trials.

AB 1527: Extends the seismic retrofit deadline for Seton Medical Center by another year. 

AB 1540: Prohibits the court from denying a recall and resentencing motion without a hearing and requires the court to state on the record the reasons for its decision to grant or deny recall and resentencing.