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2020 Legislation

HR 72: Recognizes the Lunar New Year holiday

AB 69: Sets up a new loan program to help homeowners add an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), such as a backyard cottage or in-law unit, to their property

AB 793: Starts a timeline when beverage manufacturers must included recycled materials in their plastic containers; 15% minimum by 2022; 25% by 2025; 50% minimum by 2030.

AB 828: Puts a stay and moratorium on evictions and foreclosures during the COVID-19 state-of-emergency; provides a framework for the repayment of past-due payments AB 828 FAQs

AB 841: Creates green jobs by temporarily redirecting existing energy efficient funds for improving HVAC & plumbing systems; also speeds up the approvals of EV charging stations installations

AB 1840: Intends to fix how California's CRV beverage containers are recycled; bill language coming shortly.

AB 2077: Removes January 2021 termination of existing law authorizing a physician or pharmacist to, without a prescription or permit, to furnish hypodermic needles and syringes to a person 18 years of age or older.

AB 2198: Requires the State Controller’s office come up with ways to streamline the existing unclaimed property claims process & report those findings to the Legislature.

AB 2305: Establishes free reservation program for the “Crooked Street”, a section of Lombard Street to manage vehicle congestion and alleviate safety concerns

AB 2413: Instructs the State Treasurers Office to look into the feasibility of securitizing revenues from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund to spur innovation and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that will be paid back by future revenues generated by the market-based compliance mechanism; findings from the study are to be reported back to the state Legislature by March 2021.

AB 2456: Mandates the state to create a model ordinance that cities and counties can use to license cannabis retailers.

AB 2553: Expands the emergency shelter pilot program statewide and extends the sunset date to January 1, 2026. Communities would be able to build shelter housing for the homeless faster by allowing local jurisdictions to suspend certain ordinances, laws and/or regulations to expedite the process. 

AB 2633: Helps foster youth and children of undocumented parents open bank accounts.

AB 2674: Keeps bike and pedestrian access to bridges free by extending the ban on sidewalk tolls through 2031.

AB 2704: Requires the collection of demographic data for all registered health professions under the Department of Consumer Affairs to identify and address disparities in the workforce

AB 2775: Ensures Californians have timely access to mental health appointments.

AB 2829: Creates more middle class affordable housing by providing a property tax abatement for rental units set aside for middle-income earners

AB 2978: Removes barriers to jobs and housing through automatic record clearance for certain, low-level offenses dating as far back as 1973.

AB 3021: Creates a program allowing schools to have energy storage so they can serve as a center during a major power outage

AB 3090: Directs the Bureau of Cannabis Control to develop a plan to allow cannabis companies to pay their taxes in cryptocurrency.

AB 3182: Restricts Homeowners Associations ability to ban rentals in their communities; allows for up to 25% rental cap to remain qualified for federal loans and insurance 

AB 3234: Provides judges with the discretion to provide court-ordered diversion programs for misdemeanors to provide people with a chance at rehabilitation.

ACR 165: Designate Route 35 in Daly City as the Alice Pena Bulos Memorial Highway; named after beloved member/activist of Daly City's community.