2020 Legislation

AB 1360: Establishes basic food safety standards for grocery delivery services, consistent with  safety requirements imposed on brick and mortar grocery stores.

AB 1840: Intends to fix how California's CRV beverage containers are recycled; bill language coming shortly.

AB 2077: Removes January 2021 termination of existing law authorizing a physician or pharmacist to, without a prescription or permit, to furnish hypodermic needles and syringes to a person 18 years of age or older.

AB 2198: Requires the State Controller’s office come up with ways to streamline the existing unclaimed property claims process & report those findings to the Legislature.

AB 2413: Streamlines the process for CalFresh applicants.

AB 2456: Requires the state to create a model ordinance that cities and counties can use to license cannabis retailers.

AB 2633: Helps foster youth and children of undocumented parents open bank accounts.

AB 2674: Keeps bike and pedestrian access to bridges free by extending the ban on sidewalk tolls through 2031.

AB 2775: Ensures Californians have timely access to mental health appointments.

AB 2978: Removes barriers to jobs and housing through automatic record clearance for certain, low-level offenses dating as far back as 1973.

AB 3021: Creates a program allowing schools to have energy storage so they can serve as a center during a major power outage

AB 3090: Directs the Bureau of Cannabis Control to develop a plan to allow cannabis companies to pay their taxes in cryptocurrency.

AJR 165: Designate Route 35 in Daly City as the Alice Pena Bulos Memorial Highway; named after beloved member/activist of Daly City's community.

(Additional bills have been introduced and will be added as soon as the language of each bill is finalized.)