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2017 Legislation

AB 412: Court Fee Reform – Creates a process for low or no income individuals to eliminate a $300 late penalty charge for expensive and burdensome traffic court fines. Individuals who cannot pay rent cannot be expected to pay for traffic court fines on time and should not have to pay a penalty for being poor.

AB 444: Vehicle for Sharps Reform – Authorizes CalEPA to develop a statewide take-back program for home-generated medical waste, in consultation with stakeholders, and contingent on an appropriation in the state budget.

AB 465: Urban Agriculture Extension – Extends the Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone program, which allows cities and counties to provide tax incentives to encourage urban agriculture, by 10 years to January 1, 2029, and makes minor program improvements.

AB 471: Liquor Licenses for SF Outer Neighborhood Restaurants – Expands by 25, for a total of 30, the number of non-transferable licenses to be issued in San Francisco through a framework for neighborhood-restricted liquor licenses created in legislation authored last year by former Senator Mark Leno.  Five new licenses will be issued each year until 2023 and will be available to restaurants along commercial corridors outside the city center, including Third Street in the Bayview, Outer Mission in the Excelsior, San Bruno Avenue, Ocean Avenue, Noriega Street, Taraval Street, and Visitacion Valley.

AB 694: Bike Lane Reform – Allows bicyclists full use of a lane if the lane is too narrow for both a bicyclist and vehicle to travel next to each other.

AB 756: Street Safety in Golden Gate Park – Lowers the speed limit in Golden Gate Park from 25mph to 15mph, except on major through-traffic roads in order to decrease traffic injuries and fatalities.  The lower speed limit would also encourage drivers to use the surrounding streets instead.

AB 857: Creating Parks Under Freeways in San Francisco – Authorizes the City and County of San Francisco to lease Caltrans parcels under or adjacent to state highways for parks and open-space uses at a reduced lease rate.

AB 915: Linking Housing Affordability with Density – Applies a locally adopted affordable housing requirement to the total number of units in a housing project, unless the local government chooses to exempt units granted as a density bonus.

AB 932: Homeless Shelter Crisis - Upon the declaration of a shelter crisis for the homeless, this bill allows the City and County of San Francisco to expedite the construction of emergency housing, including homeless shelters and permanent supportive housing , on city owned or leased land.

AB 946: Divesting from Trump's Wall – Requires CalPERS and CalSTRS to divest from companies that contract or subcontract to build, maintain, or provide material for President Trump's proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico.

AB 956: Healthy Food at Corner Stores - With the oversight of the California Public Utilities Commission, this bill requires electric and gas utility providers, such as PG. &E, to develop a program in coordination with counties to provide incentives and assistance to owners, operators, or lessees of corner stores, to help reduce their electricity and gas bills through conservation and energy efficiency improvements, including energy-efficient refrigeration, in order to improve a community's access to healthy and fresh food options.

AB 1007: Taxpayer Bill of Rights Report  – Requires the Franchise Tax Board to annually report to the Legislature by December 31 instances of taxpayer complaints regarding unsatisfactory treatment by Board employees and causes for confusion within forms, procedures and regulations that lead to taxpayer errors.

AB 1010: State Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) - Expands eligibility for the EITC or personal income tax credit to reduce poverty among California's poorest working families by increasing their after-tax income.  Includes self-employment earnings in determining eligibly for the EITC and also raise the earnings threshold to qualify for the tax credit similar to the federal EITC.

AB 1030: Affordable Energy Storage for All/ Energy Storage Incentive Program - Requires the California Public Utilities Commission to establish a program to incentivize residential and commercial energy storage.  Current law does not provide sufficient support for consumers to utilize energy storage technologies, technologies which ultimately provide utility customers options to procure affordable and renewable energy sources.

AB 1156: Transparency on Housing Element – Improves data reporting from local governments to the state through the local housing element development process by requiring more detailed information on the number housing units that can be realistically built for different income levels.

AB 1161: Hate Crime Reform – Requires police departments to update existing hate crime policies and provides guidelines for first response protocol, resources for officers, and guidance on preventing future hate crimes from occurring.

AB 1175: Every Kid Counts Act – College Savings Account - Establishes the Every Kid Counts Act that creates in the State Treasury a college savings account for every child born in California beginning after January 1, 2018 in order to ensure that every child has an opportunity to save for and attend a college.

ACR 4: Recognizes the Lunar New Year holiday

AJR 14: Recognizes May 6, 2017, as the 135th anniversary of the enactment of the Chinese Exclusion Act; also calls upon the President to rescind his anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim executive orders