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2014 Legislation

AB 1193, Safe routes for urban bicyclists – streamlines the construction of protected bikeways, or cycletracks, that designate a portion of road for bike travel and separate it with grade separations, posts or other physical barriers.

AB 1743, Safe Syringe Act – allows pharmacists to sell sterile syringes to adults without a prescription to prevent a leading cause of the spread of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis.

AB 1888, Property tax transparency – improves transparency in the property tax system by eliminating unnecessary impediments to public access to property value information.

AB 1982, Anti-stalking prosecutions – improves anti-stalking laws to assist in prosecution of stalking, and specifies that threatening a person’s dog or cat can be prosecuted.

AB 2102, Culturally appropriate healthcare workforce – calls for a state assessment of the medical industry’s capacity to provide healthcare to limited English speaking patients in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

AB 2110, Computer science education in grades 1 to 6 – directs the state Board of Education to integrate Computer Science into the curriculum for grades 1 – 6.

AB 2135, Affordable housing supply – will help increase the supply of affordable housing by granting these projects expanded first priority for surplus land held by local governments.

AB 2160, Streamline Success Act – expands access to financial aid for thousands of students by requiring public high schools to electronically submit students’ Grade Point Average (GPA) to the Student Aid Commission, a prerequisite for obtaining financial aid.

AB 2175, Renter’s Tax Assistance Act, (Daly/Ting) – provides tax rebates to low-income renters ranging from $250 to $347 per year.

AB 2211, Property tax receipt – requires counties to disclose to taxpayers what public services are funded by the general ad valorem property tax, similar to a receipt for services paid.

AB 2234, Board of Equalization reform – increases the efficiency of audits of county assessors conducted by the state Board of Equalization.

AB 2253, Removing language barriers to state services– requires state agencies to translate forms in order to assist limited English proficient persons seeking state services online and in-person.

AB 2270, Green building standards – strengthens the state’s commitment to sustainable construction practices by authorizing energy and resource efficiency professionals to serve on advisory panels of the California Building Standards Commission.

AB 2385, Supporting Nutrition through Access to Produce (SNAP) Act – seeks to double the value of CalFresh assistance when used to purchase fresh produce at Certified Farmer’s Markets.

AB 2414, Electric vehicle charging – provides that when a government entity allows a person to charge an electric vehicle for free on public property it is not a gift of public funds.

AB 2415, Property tax agent reforms – strengthens public confidence in the property tax appeal process by establishing a uniform, transparent statewide tax agent registration system.

AB 2539, Farmers’ Market food safety – updates the food safety and handling requirements at Certified Farmers’ Markets to provide consistency in enforcement and to protect the public. 

AB 2548, Higher education eligibility – calls on the Department of Education to conduct a freshman eligibility study to measure whether the UC and CSU systems are accessible to the students they should be serving, and assess whether the systems are properly budgeted to guarantee student success.

AB 2597, PACE program expansion – increases the level of allowed Property Assessed Clean Energy financings from 10% to 15% of a property’s value, allowing more people access to this innovative way to fund clean energy improvements at no upfront cost to them.

AB 2646: Racial discrimination protection - Extends case law from the US Supreme Court to California law in order to further protect minority groups from discrimination.

AB 2720, Public meeting transparency – strengthens transparent governance by requiring all state boards and commissions to publicly disclose all votes on actions taken during meetings.

ACR 117, Hanren Chang memorial – directs the state Department of Transportation to post a memorial plaque near the pedestrian beacon at Vale and Forest View Boulevards in San Francisco in honor of Hanren Chang, the victim of a tragic, fatal accident at the site.

ACR 128, Living Schoolyard Month– designates May 2014 as Living Schoolyard Month and urges the Department of Education to prioritize the construction of student-accessible green space on school campuses and integrate its use into the curriculum.

HR 39, Compost Awareness Week – declares May 5 – 11, 2014 Compost Awareness Week, to raise awareness about the benefits of composting for solid waste diversion and greenhouse gas reductions.

HR 41: CCSF accreditation - Delays the termination of City College of San Francisco’s (CCSF) accreditation