2023 Legislation

AB1X 1 — Requires only one refinery in California to undergo scheduled maintenance at a time to ensure that there is sufficient oil supply.

AB 264 — Provides community colleges the flexibility to observe Lunar New Year as a school holiday.

AB 449— Mandates law enforcement agencies to adopt a hate crimes policy and follow specific guidelines.

AB 480— Prioritizes affordable housing development when public lands are sold or leased.

AB 525 – Establishes a housing supplement for foster youth placed in supervised independent living placements to help them afford the rising cost of housing in the state.

AB 579— Requires that all purchases of new school buses be zero emission by 2035 and extends the maximum length of transportation service and leasing contracts for zero emission buses.

AB 600— Addresses remaining procedural and technical issues regarding California’s second look sentencing process, expands judicial authority and provides clarity for courts when applying the law.

AB 642— Sets parameters and restrictions regarding law enforcement’s use of facial recognition technology.

AB 766— Creates a credit law for the cannabis supply chain.

AB 783— Enforces existing law to ensure that businesses designate all single-user restrooms as “all gender” facilities.

AB 881— Increases jury pay for criminal cases to $100 per day of jury service for low to moderate-income Californians.

AB 901— Creates a voluntary program that allows local governments to pay into a trust manage by the State to fund affordable housing development in their respective communities.

AB 976— Removes a local agency’s authorization to establish owner-occupancy requirements on residences with ADU’s.

AB 1033— Creates affordable options for homeownership by allowing ADU’s to be sold separately, a similar process to condominiums.

AB 1267— Creates an electric vehicles (EV) incentive program focused on high gas users to maximize gasoline displacement in the state, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and facilitate the transition to EVs.

AB 1347 – Requires businesses to only provide a printed receipt upon the request of the customer. Any paper receipts must be printed on paper that is BPA/BPS free and not be longer than necessary.

AB 1387— Allows undocumented recipients of California’s in home supportive services program (IHSS) to elect an undocumented relative to serve as their IHSS provider.

AB 1633— Provides transparency in the environmental review process for the approval of housing developments.