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Funding Your College Future

Paying for college can be difficult, but California has always been dedicated to providing eligible students with an affordable higher education. The Cal Grant and the Middle Class Scholarship are two great state programs to help California families afford college:

Cal Grant, a need-based state financial aid program, is a big part of making college affordable for many California families. Qualified students can receive up to $12,192 in funding to attend almost any college in California – awards vary depending on economic need, grades and the college you attend. During the 2017-18 school year, the California Student Aid Commission offered $2.1 billion in Cal Grants and other financial aid to approximately 370,000 eligible students.

The Middle Class Scholarship Act is a newer program for students who do not qualify for Cal Grants but are still priced out of college. It offers sliding-scale discounts of up to 40 percent for families who earn $177,000 or less and don't qualify for Cal Grants, which support lower-income students. Students must have at least a "C" average.

Students apply just as they would for a federal loan or a Cal Grant, by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Don't delay! The deadline to apply is March 2.

For more information and assistance, please visit the California Student Aid Commission’s website or attend a Cash for College event listed here.