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Assembly Budget Chair Phil Ting Secures $20 Million In State Funding For San Francisco and Daly City

For immediate release:
Asm Ting with Governor & Budget Consultant Christian Griffith After Budget Signing

A stronger care network, more bike lanes and additional cultural resources top the list of projects getting state funding as a result of the efforts of Assembly Budget Chair Phil Ting’s (D-San Francisco). AB 102, signed by the Governor today, includes $20 million that will help improve the lives of his constituents and beyond.

“While we have so many needs locally, I prioritized plans that help our most vulnerable residents, expand active transportation, and strengthen community because their impacts will felt far and wide for years,” said Ting. “These investments will not only make our neighborhoods stronger, but also ensure our communities are cleaner, safer, greener, and more equitable for those who live there.”

  • Chinese Hospital/$5M: Interior renovations to provide up to 15 more beds for subacute patients
  • Golden Gate Institute/$4.5M: Historic building reconstruction so it can serve as a community hub in Japantown
  • Alcoholics Rehabilitation Association/$2.5M: Capital improvements for existing 47-bed home for recovering and sober addicts reintegrating into  society
  • Richmond Residential Care Facility and Senior Center/$2.1M: Capital improvements to allow 15-bed assisted living facility with senior center on ground floor
  • Arguello Bikeway Upgrade Project/$1.25M: Protected bike lanes on Arguello Blvd.
  • Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation/$1M: Reconstruction of two Julia Morgan cottages destroyed by fire
  • Daly City Energy Storage/$1M: Energy storage from solar panels that will power War Memorial Building and City Hall
  • YBike San Francisco/$1M: More equipment for expansion of bike clubs at more locations within San Francisco Unified School District
  • San Francisco Be The Jury Pilot Program/$650K: Pilot program to pay low-income jurors $100/day for service
  • Chinese Cultural Center/$500K: Renovation of a ground floor building to house displaced Chinese Cultural Center
  • Havelock Pedestrian Bridge/$500K: Access improvements to Havelock Pedestrian Bridge used by City College students, seniors and others

Since being elected to the Assembly in 2012, Ting has championed nearly $540 million for various projects throughout San Francisco and northern San Mateo Counties.