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Ting Statement on Legislative Budget Agreement

For immediate release:
Legislative Budget Agreement Includes Funding For Transit

Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, released the following statement regarding the agreement reached between the two legislative houses for the 2023-24 budget year: 

“The Assembly and the Senate budget plan allows us to not only protect the progress we’ve made in improving the lives of Californians, but also increase our investments in education, homeless programs, affordable housing, climate protection and childcare. At the same time, we are being responsible, expanding the state’s reserves and rainy day funds to safeguard against any economic downturns that may occur down the road.

“In addition, we are mindful of the challenge that our transit agencies are facing, which is why the legislative budget provides $5.1 billion to transit agencies to address the fiscal cliff. This funding would allow flexibility, enabling capital funds to also be used for operations over the next three years. But, as I have always said, this would and should be contingent upon meeting accountability measures, which are being finalized. Transit must show us how they will bring riders back. Ridership numbers will not increase unless they address a number of issues, including safety, cleanliness, and the creation of a seamless transit system. I am confident we will be able to reach consensus on how public transportation can better serve Californians.

“I want to thank Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, Senate President Pro Tem Atkins, Senate Budget Chair Nancy Skinner, their staff and members of the Budget Committees in both houses for the remarkable work on this plan, and for the progress we’ve made so far, as we finalize a budget agreement with Governor Newsom.”