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Ting Praises Vote To Ban The Sale Of Most New, Gas-Powered Vehicles in California by 2035

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Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) issued the following statement regarding today’s California Air Resources Board action on zero-emission vehicles: “I have always believed California should lead the clean car movement. That was the idea behind my 2018 bill, AB 1745, which banned the sale of new, gas-powered vehicles in our state by 2040. While the legislation stalled, it sparked conversations about how we can move in that direction. Since then, our climate crisis has worsened with transportation remaining a top contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Today’s vote by the California Air Resources Board is a necessary step to accelerate our efforts to save the environment and protect our health. It will also create good-paying clean energy jobs and reinforce our state's role as a global climate leader. A zero-emissions future is our only path forward.”