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Senator Wiener & Assemblymember Ting’s Statement Opposing Limited Extension of Eviction Moratorium and Rent Relief

For immediate release:

Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) issued the following statement opposing Assembly Bill 2179, which partially extends California’s COVID-19 eviction moratorium and rent relief program and which preempts local eviction moratoria in some cities (including San Francisco and 70% of Los Angeles County) but not others:

“On Friday, legislation went into print that winds down California’s rent relief program, allowing no new applications after March 31. Moreover, after March 31, California’s statewide eviction moratorium will only apply to renters who have already applied for rent relief. Others will no longer have state eviction protections relating to COVID-19.

“The legislation also preempts local eviction moratoria in certain places, including San Francisco and most of Los Angeles County, while leaving local eviction moratoria in place in other cities, such as the City of Los Angeles and Oakland. There is no policy rationale for overriding local eviction protections in San Francisco, etc., while allowing other cities to protect their renters. This arbitrary distinction is harmful to San Francisco renters, as well as renters in other cities and counties that aren’t part of the favored group of cities.

“We shouldn’t be playing favorites by allowing some cities to protect their renters while prohibiting other cities from doing so. Cities must have the ability to protect their residents from eviction and homelessness. AB 2179’s preemption of San Francisco’s eviction moratorium is a fatal flaw in the bill. Without this change, we stand opposed to this legislation.”