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Assembly Budget Blueprint Aims to Deliver Prosperity To More Californians While Strengthening The State’s Future

For immediate release:
Assembly Budget Blueprint

California’s economic recovery from the pandemic is going strong with another budget surplus forecasted in the next year. But not every resident is reaping the benefits of this upswing. In today’s unveiling of his 2022-23 Budget Blueprint, Delivering Prosperity & Strengthening the Future, Assembly Budget Chair, Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), emphasized the priority of ensuring the state’s economic recovery is more inclusive.

“We made bold investments in last year’s budget, and many of those initiatives have yet to be completed. We must see those commitments through and make certain they are working to lift up Californians still struggling from the impacts of COVID-19. We’re a stronger state when we all are doing well,” said Ting.

In addition to expanding prosperity, the Assembly Budget Blueprint devotes one-time funds to infrastructure projects to complement federal funds and prepares the state for the years ahead.

Among the highlights of Delivering Prosperity & Strengthening the Future:

  • New initiatives From 2021 Budget: Universal Transitional Kindergarten; climate resiliency to address wildfire and drought; expanded broadband access; youth behavioral health initiative for mental health needs
  • Critical services: Continued investments in housing and homelessness; easier application process for safety net programs; improved EDD efficiency; more resources for violence and suicide prevention
  • Infrastructure: School facilities, transportation/public transit, courthouse modernization
  • Preparing for the future: More robust public health infrastructure; increased workforce training/readiness for high demand jobs; record reserves for possible economic downturn

A copy of the Assembly Budget Blueprint is here: