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Piers 30-32 Restoration Proceeds with Passage of AB 1273

For immediate release:

Ting Legislation to Make Findings Consistent with Public Trust Clears the Assembly

SACRAMENTO – Assemblymember Philip Y. Ting (D – San Francisco) presented the merits of AB 1273 on the Assembly Floor today, a bill that would help advance a restoration proposal for San Francisco’s Piers 30-32.  The bill passed the Assembly on a vote of 51 to 9, and now moves to the California Senate for consideration.

The legislation ensures that if a multi-purpose venue is approved to be located on Piers 30-32, the project will maximize public access, open space, and maritime uses consistent with the Public Trust Doctrine — the principles that govern the use of California’s sovereign waterfront properties.

"After two other failed attempts over the last 13 years, the City and County of San Francisco has found a partner in the Golden State Warriors to repair the piers, build an iconic arena on our waterfront and create a space which will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year," Ting said. "AB 1273 updates previous legislation to repair our Piers 30-32 and ensures the proposedmulti-purpose arena, open space and maritime uses conform to the public trust." 
Previous legislation authorized the development of a cruise terminal and large mixed use office and retail development at the site.

The AB 1273 legislative update calls for more public trust uses. In addition to the multi-purpose venue, the proposed project will include a fireboat station, a deep-water cruise berth, water taxis, and more than 50 percent of free, publicly-accessible open space to bring people to the waterfront.

The legislation also specifies that any such improvements remain subject to regulatory approval including the Bay Conservation and Development Commission and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Assemblymember Ting’s legislation is sponsored by the City and County of San Francisco and is supported by multiple public safety and labor organizations, the hotel and tourist industry, the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and San Francisco Citizens Initiative for Technology and Innovation (SF Citi).

Contact: Carol Chamberlain, 916-319-2019