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SF Chronicle: ‘It’s crazy’: How Soaring PG&E Rates Are Impacting CA’s Electric Car Owners

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

California wants residents to buy electric vehicles to fight climate change, to the point of ending the sale of new gasoline-fueled cars in 2035

But after a 20% rate hike this year by Pacific Gas and Electric Co., charging a car — one of the single biggest items on electric bills — just got more expensive. And the trend is unlikely to let up anytime soon: State regulators are considering further rate increases for PG&E this year.

... California Assembly Member Phil Ting drives a Tesla Model Y, and the car company’s phone app estimated he saved about $1,772 last year by not buying gasoline. The San Francisco Democrat doesn’t expect to hit the same savings mark this year, but he’s a major proponent of electrification and loves his electric car.

“For me, it’s not game-changing at this point,” Ting said. “But the overall price of electricity is a major issue this year.”