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CBS 8: New CA law Allows Homeowners To Sell Their ADU Similar To a Condominium

Source: CBS 8 San Diego

A new California law opens the door for homeowners to sell an ADU in their backyard. Supporters said this will create more affordable housing, but not everyone is convinced it will work in San Diego.

Many people build ADUs for family members, including aging parents and older children, who can’t afford our high cost of living. 

But the new state law, authored by Bay Area Assemblymember Phil Ting, said homeowners can now sell their ADU. And he said they will be much cheaper than single family homes on their own lot. 

“We have so few people in California who can afford to buy a home,” Ting said. “So by creating more ADUs and allowing people who own ADUs to sell them like condominiums, it creates more homeownership opportunities for everyone in California.”

Under the new law, individual cities will have to opt-in, which the City of San Diego is considering.