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SF Standard: San Francisco Has a $40M Plan To Build a Center of Asian American Culture

Source: San Francisco Standard

In the next few years, San Francisco’s Chinatown may see the construction of a brand-new landmark called Edge on the Square, a center for Asian American arts and culture

The ambitious plan, with a price tag of $40 million, started back in 2019 as a coalition of community-based nonprofits who envision a massive new home tasked with uplifting Asian American storytelling.

... The $40 million project has largely been supported by the government, in particular some $26.5 million in pandemic-era funding from Sacramento. The federal government and the city also chipped in about $2.5 million and $1 million each.

Phil Ting, the Chinese American assemblyman who spearheaded the funding from the state, said this project is the first community hub of its kind that will make social changes through the arts.

“Edge on the Square is ideally positioned to be a nexus of creative energy and racial justice," Ting said. "I’m excited to see it bring this community together.”