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KTVU: These New CA Laws Took Effect In July

Source: KTVU / Fox 2

California saw several new laws take effect on July 1. Here is an overview at some of them. 


Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) authored two bills that became law on July 1. One provides relief and reform for how toll penalty fees are assessed. It creates a plan for low-income residents to have their late fees waived, it also caps fines for late payments and sets a minimum time period before someone’s car registration is suspended.

"I heard about a poor driver from Alameda who had racked up $30,000 in unpaid fines and tolls bills," Ting said. "What we really did was make sure that you as a driver have more rights."


Gov. Newsom also signed a bill from Ting which would allow Californians to sue gunmakers and distributors in civil court. It requires the gun industry to abide by new state standards for sales, marketing and safety.

"If you are a victim of gun violence, and the gun manufacturer or the gun dealers or sellers haven’t completely followed state law, they could be legally liable," Ting said.