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USA Today: Are You A Gas Guzzler? The Government Might Try To Persuade You To Switch To An EV

Source: USA Today

Governments on both coasts of the U.S. want to persuade the small percentage of drivers who use the most gas to switch to electric vehicles – and some leaders are taking the first steps toward incentives to make it happen.

Research shows the top 10% of drivers in the U.S. use almost one-third of the nation's gas. These noncommercial drivers log long miles, sometimes in inefficient vehicles like SUVs and trucks, guzzling serious amounts of gas and producing a lot of carbon dioxide

... California State Assembly Member Phil Ting has proposed incentives specifically targeted at getting working- and middle-class people who drive long distances to shift from gas-powered to electric-powered vehicles for the past two years − and he says he won't give up.