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SF Chronicle: CA Housing Crisis/Inside the Push To Ramp Up the ‘Backdoor Revolution’

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Denise Pinkston said it felt like nobody in Sacramento was taking her seriously when she started pitching state leaders on the idea of using ADUs, or accessory dwelling units, to help reduce California’s housing shortage.

She said the notion that such secondary units — better known as backyard cottages, casitas, granny flats or in-law suites — could be a significant piece of the puzzle when the state needs millions more homes to serve its existing population seemed ludicrous to many back in 2016.

... Assembly Member Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, is carrying a pair of the most high-profile ADU bills at the state Capitol this year. He said the state has only scratched the surface for such secondary units to increase density in existing neighborhoods or multi-family apartment buildings.

“There’s a huge amount of potential,” he said.