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NBC Bay Area: 23 Million Californians Get ‘Inflation Relief' Payments Starting Friday. Here's What to Know

California's "inflation relief" payments will start rolling out Friday.

Gov. Gavin Newsom said 23 million state residents will receive up to $1,000, which he called "the largest tax rebate in the country."

The payments come after lawmakers in June approved the Middle Class Tax Refund -- a direct response to inflation taking a toll on Americans' wallets, especially in the Bay Area, where gas is over $6 per gallon and every day grocery items cost more than ever before.

Eligible Californians will receive $200 to $1,050, depending on tax filing status and income.

... “We did tax refunds because we value dollars in your bank account versus pennies at the pump,” said Assemblymember Phil Ting, chair of the Assembly Budget Committeetold the Associated Press in June.