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ABC 7: What You Need To Know About New CA Law Eliminating Late Traffic Fines, Lowering Late Fees

Source: ABC 7 News Bay Area

The state has eliminated all late traffic fines and dropped the price of existing fees for all Californians.

"We punish people extravagantly for traffic violations," said Rio Scharf, an attorney for the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights. "Not just with fines, but also with a ton of mandatory fees." AB 199 - California Assembly (20212022) - Open States

Assembly Bill 199 aims to cut down costs - eliminating all traffic late fees imposed before July 1.

... Assemblyman Phil Ting says prior to AB199, civil assessment fees were extracting around $100 million from California courts - mainly impacting low-income families who struggled the most to pay ticket debt. "Unfortunately for too long, our courts have been relying on low-income individuals paying civil assessments to fund many of their operations. So, what this does is really ensure we reduce that burden on the lowest income people in our state," said Ting.