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SF Chronicle: Bay Area Cities Want To Use Cameras to Enforce Excessive Speeding. A New Bill Would Allow It

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

State lawmakers have revived an effort to allow San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland to use cameras to enforce excessive speeding amid the region’s surge in traffic violence during the pandemic.

The legislation, which is the third attempt since 2017 to allow some California cities to pilot speed cameras, comes at a time when the Bay Area’s largest cities are struggling to rein in severe and fatal crashes.

... Assemblymember Phil Ting of San Francisco, a co-author of AB 2336, said the moment calls for urgency and expressed hope that the bill would muster the necessary support from lawmakers this time around.

“We continue to see traffic fatalities. We continue to see pedestrians and cyclists get run over by vehicles,” Ting said. “So anytime that we can actually do something to halt the deaths of pedestrians and bicyclists on our roads, we have to make every effort.”