ABC 7: Proposed Bill Aims To Curb Traffic Fatalities After Record Number of Deaths in CA

Source: ABC 7 Bay Area

California roads are more dangerous than ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began. As people have become more concerned with their health and safety, more people have turned to driving themselves than using public transportation. Thousands of residents have lost their lives to traffic accidents since 2020 and officials say one factor can be most dangerous.

... Enter Assembly Bill2 236. The bill creates a five-year pilot program to allow select cities to use automated cameras to manage speed on their highest injury streets, in school zones and on streets with a history of speed contests and motor vehicle exhibitions of speed.

It's co-authored by San Francisco Assemblymember Phil Ting.

"I'm a proud joint author on this bill because speed kills in San Francisco and in cities all across California," Ting said. "That's why San Francisco has been trying to pilot traffic calming measures including traffic cameras by schools in particular."