New $165 Million California Fund To Battle Anti-Asian Hate Could Come This Year

Source: Orange County Register

Community groups fighting against the rise of hate crimes and related actions directed at Asians could start seeing some of a new $165.5 million state fund by the end of this year, state and local leaders said Monday, Nov. 15, during a news conference in Garden Grove.

Most of the California API Equity Fund, roughly $110 million, is expected to be awarded over the next three years to organizations with deep ties in the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities that they serve. Such groups were the first to respond to the rise in hate crimes and hate incidents faulting Asian Americans for the coronavirus pandemic.

Those groups also have a track record of providing outreach and services that the legislators who support the fund want to see expanded, said Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, who chairs the Assembly’s budget committee.