The Surprisingly Complicated Politics Of The California Crime Everyone Commits

Source: SF Gate

There’s something of an unspoken rule among city residents of many major metropolitan cities, whether it be D.C. or San Francisco or New York City: If you’re standing at an intersection with traffic lights, no cars are approaching and you’re waiting at a red light, you can cross the street.

Now, this isn’t standard practice everywhere — nor is it probably a great idea on, say, an intersection by a highway exit or an extended, dual road. It's also not much of a thing in super car-centric places like Los Angeles, as you'd expect. But in many instances, jaywalking is a relatively harmless act when done appropriately — and whether you’d like to admit it or not, you’ve probably done it. So, it begs the question: Why did Gov. Gavin Newsom veto a bill that would decriminalize jaywalking?