In New Plastics Push, California Wants Recycled Content in Thermoformed Packs

Publication: Plastics News

California state legislators unveiled a broad series of plastics packaging proposals March 9, including recycled content for thermoformed containers and phase-outs of film in e-commerce shipping.

Eight lawmakers who nearly passed significant producer responsibility laws last year unveiled their package of 12 bills on March 9, saying they are needed to reduce the impact of single-use packaging. ...

A sponsor of that bill, Assembly member Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, said it builds on a law passed in 2020 requiring up to 50 percent recycled content for plastic beverage containers. He urged California "to do the same for thermoform food containers, like clamshells."

"We need to redesign products so they can be repurposed, not pollute our environment," Ting said.