CA Lawmakers Grill Bank Of America Over Its Handling Of Massive EDD Bank Card Fraud

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Publication: KPIX/CBS 5 San Francisco

Lawmakers are turning up the spotlight on the massive Employment Development Department (EDD) and Bank of America problems relating to unemployment insurance benefits.

For the first time, Bank of America officials addressed the issues publicly in a budget subcommittee hearing.


“We are dealing with something unprecedented, criminals are sitting on a cache of stolen identities for some time and waiting for an opportunity to jump,” said Bill Fox of Bank of America.

“Wait times to call centers are one minute with the tail being between one and five minutes,” said Faiz Ahmad, Managing Director of Transaction Services, Bank of America.

“What you said does not reflect the experience of constituents that have called my office. I feel like my staff should get reimbursed for time spent doing your job. We’re not paid to do your job,” said Assemblymember Phil Ting of San Francisco.