California’s car rebate bill could be an end run around Trump relaxed emission rules

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Publication: San Francisco Chronicle

As the Trump administration revoked California’s right to set strict auto emissions rules, a state lawmaker from San Francisco joined the fray Thursday with legislation that could entice car companies to keep producing clean vehicles.

Democratic Assemblyman Phil Ting introduced a bill that would require automakers to meet California’s highest-in-the-nation mileage standards if they want their cars to be eligible for state rebates.

California provides roughly $240 million in rebates to people who buy electric and hybrid vehicles each year — $2,500 per car — and the windfall of checks helps shape which autos are purchased from which companies.

“We want to incentivize consumers to be purchasing automobiles from companies that have aligned themselves with the state’s goals,” Ting said in a phone call with reporters on Thursday morning. “You’re either with us, or you’re not helping to save people’s lives and the planet.”