Mental Health & Wellness Services For Local AAPI Community Strengthened After Ting Announces $6.5M in State Funding

California’s Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities are trying to process and heal from the tragedies of Half Moon Bay and Monterey Park. On top of that, they are still dealing with the hate incidents against AAPIs over the last three years brought on by COVID. All of these incidents have highlighted the lack of resources available to AAPIs and the need for greater state investment.

In an effort to address the continuing crisis in AAPI communities, Assembly Budget Chair Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) today announced $6.5 million from the state budget for Richmond Area Multi-Services Inc. (RAMS). The funding allows the nonprofit to pursue a permanent space that will centralize their outpatient clinic and wellness centers into one location. Among the culturally competent programs they offer, RAMS specializes in mental health services.

Assemblymember Ting Introduces Bill Allowing California Community Colleges to Observe Lunar New Year as a State Holiday

With the Year of the Rabbit underway, California’s community colleges may soon have the option to make Lunar New Year (LNY) as a state holiday, under a bill announced today by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco). AB 264 gives community college districts the flexibility to observe LNY without increasing the number of days schools are closed. For example, they can combine Lincoln’s and Washington’s birthdays as one holiday and add LNY as another.

“With hate incidents against the Asian American Pacific Islander community still happening, a Lunar Year holiday for college students would be beneficial. It gives them a time to reflect on the special significance of this celebration and to encourage acceptance. We’re better as a society when we create opportunities for communities to learn about each other,” said Ting.

Ting Statement on Governor’s January Budget

Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, released the statement below regarding Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2023-24 budget proposal:

Video: Community Coffee With Asm Phil Ting

Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) updates constituents on his accomplishments last year and his priorities for this year's legislative session. It was held at the Geneva Car Barn, which received $3.5 million in state funding a few years ago, thanks to the efforts of the Assemblymember. The investment helped with the transformation of this historic landmark into a community space.

Politico: CA is Working Hard To Pass Gun Laws — And Even Harder To Defend Them

California Democrats returned to Sacramento this week with a gun-safety agenda following a near-record year for U.S. mass shootings. But their legal obstacles loom higher than ever.

... Phil Ting, a Democratic Assemblymember from San Francisco, said he expects to see a legislative push this year to make more research on firearms and gun violence publicly available.

SF Chronicle: S.F.’s DMV Could Become One of the City’s Biggest Affordable Housing Sites

... The Department of General Services and the Department of Motor Vehicles issued a “request for interest” for the busy Fell Street site Friday, seeking a developer that could build both a new DMV — “identical in function” to the current one — as well as an unspecified number of housing units. Previous studies have indicated that the site could handle about 400 housing units, which would make it one of the city’s largest affordable housing developments. ...

Fairness & Equity Goals Lead List of Ting Legislation Taking Effect January 1

California pedestrians and drivers will see big changes in the way some traffic violations are handled under a pair of bills by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) that are set to become law in 2023. The most significant is how jaywalking will be enforced. AB 2147/The Freedom To Walk Act allows people to safely cross the street outside an intersection when the roadway is clear of moving vehicles. Law enforcement will still be able issue a citation, if the pedestrian causes a hazard.