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SF Examiner: Why SF farmers markets fear end of this state benefit

Thousands of low-income San Franciscans are poised to lose a critical food benefit if Gov. Gavin Newsom’s currently proposed budget cuts pass through the California State Assembly, and local farmers market operators say they’re fearful of the impact in The City.

The Market Match program, started 15 years ago and funded through the California Nutrition Incentive Program, allows recipients of CalFresh and federal food benefits to match daily purchases at farmers markets up to $15 with vouchers.

NBC Bay Area: State Lawmakers Consider Oversight, Accountability For Driverless Vehicle Companies

State lawmakers on Monday once again are focusing on how to make our roads safer when it comes to driverless vehicles.

The state Assembly is considering measures to include better oversight and more accountability for the companies that own and operate driverless vehicles as well as conequences for when those vehicles make mistakes.

Assemblymember Phil Ting of San Francisco is behind the bill.

KRON: New Bill Proposes Converting Downtown SF’s Office Spaces Into Housing

On Tuesday, San Francisco Assemblymember Phil Ting proposed a bill to convert Downtown San Francisco’s empty office spaces into housing. The way they would convert the spaces, Ting says, is through tax incentives.

“We can address two problems with one bill. AB 2488 empowers San Francisco to create vibrant, walkable, mixed-use communities that open the door to new economic, social and cultural opportunities. The prospect is exciting,” said Ting.

The Press Democrat Editorial: Let Police Ticket Driverless Vehicles

If a car speeds through a school zone or breaks some other traffic law, the driver should get a ticket. But what if there is no driver? That’s the challenge confronting state lawmakers as California’s laws aren’t ready for autonomous vehicles. At least one lawmaker wants to fix it.