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Ting Condemns Arson at Chinese Consulate

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) released the following statement about Wednesday's arson attack at the Chinese Consulate, in San Francisco.

"The attack is not what this city is about. San Francisco is adored the world over because it welcomes and celebrates all people. I hope the authorities promptly find and prosecute the guilty parties."

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Ting Praises New NTSB Safety Recommendations for BART Worker Safety

Assemblymembers Hernández (left) and Ting (right) receive testimony at the hearing in San Francisco. PHOTO CREDIT: Assemblymember Ting's office.
San Francisco, CA – Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) praised today’s National Transportation Safety Board recommendation, released as part of its ongoing investigation into the deaths of two Bay Area Rapid Transit workers, that all rail transit agencies should be required to eliminate work authorizations where safety considerations are the sole responsibility of the worker.

“The tragic loss of these workers is a teachable moment,” said Ting.  “We have the chance to improve transit safety by changing how transit operates across the country.  The Board’s proposal will save lives by ending practices that leave rail workers to fend for their own safety.  That is not right and has to stop.”

Kids Trained and Equipped at Family Bike Safety Fair

Assemblymember Ting (center) joined by SF Bike Coalition staff and Volunteers at the bike Safety Fair.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Children received bike training and safety equipment at a bike safety fair organized by California State Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) and bike advocates on Saturday at Roosevelt Middle School, in the Richmond District.

"We want to encourage more people to ride bikes," said Ting. "Many families do not get enough exercise. By including cycling into our routines, we make a choice that is better for our health and the environment."

Ting Comments on Jimmy Kimmel “Kill all the Chinese” Segment

San Francisco, CA –Assemblymember Philip Y. Ting (D-San Francisco) issued the following statement in response to growing controversy over an October 16 segment called “Kids’ Table” that aired on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live where a young boy proposed "kill all the Chinese" as a solution to America’s national debt problem.

“It is shocking that a network would air a segment calling for the genocide of over a billion people and call it a joke.  The most infuriating part of this incident is not that it took so long for ABC to apologize, it’s that the network never took responsibility for the systematically poor judgment that made the development and airing of the segment possible.  That is why ABC’s apology is so inadequate and so insincere.  All of this is an unfortunate reminder that the media use a very different yard stick for determining acceptable content about the Asian community.”

Ting Probes BART on Worker Safety at SF Hearing

San Francisco, CA – At the request of Assemblymember Philip Y. Ting (D-San Francisco), the Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment held an investigative hearing today to address what Ting called “a disturbing pattern” of workplace safety issues at Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).

“We need to work together and find solutions that protect the safety of workers and riders,” said Ting.  “That will keep trains running in the future.”

The hearing evaluated a decades-old BART procedure called "simple approval" and the safety risks that it places onto BART workers.  It allows workers to enter restricted areas along tracks without any protection from trains or any advance warning of approaching trains.  BART recently suspended this procedure after two workers were fatally struck by a train while performing a routine track

inspection last month.  The hearing also looked at how a number of documented workplace safety issues could persist at BART for so long.

At the hearing, when asked by Ting, BART managers were unable to say how many safety violations they have pending with state regulators.  So, Ting asked them to provide him with a list of every safety citation and BART’s plans to address them.

Ting requested the hearing in June of this year but it was postponed to not interfere with protracted and contentious contract negotiations between BART and its workforce.  In his June 28 letter to Assemblymember Roger Hernández (D-West Covina), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment, Ting referenced 46 workplace safety citations weighed against BART in recent years by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (CalOSHA) and noted that BART has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting these citations instead of resolving them.

“California has laws to ensure that workers are safe on the job,” added Ting.  “We see a disturbing pattern at BART once safety problems are identified by regulators.  Rather than solve them, BART challenges or ignores them.”

The hearing included three discussion panels featuring the testimony of representatives from regulatory agencies, BART employee unions, and BART management.

Photo attached.

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Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll

The .45-caliber pistol that killed Lucas Heagren, 3, on Memorial Day last year at his Ohio home had been temporarily hidden under the couch by his father. But Lucas found it and shot himself through the right eye. “It’s bad,” his mother told the 911 dispatcher. “It’s really bad.”

Ting Obamacare Enrollment Campaign Breaks Barriers in Inner Sunset

San Francisco, CA – Over 100 people joined Assemblymember Philip Y. Ting (D-San Francisco) last Saturday at the San Francisco County Fair Building for his third community meeting to help San Franciscans learn about the Obamacare healthcare open enrollment period.  The event provided translation services to ensure that limited English speakers could participate.

“Obamacare is revolutionizing healthcare and we must be ready for the changes ahead,” said Ting. “I’m committed to giving people the facts so they can get the best coverage possible.  My passion is to ensure that language barriers do not marginalize members of our diverse community.” Ting’s town hall educated attendees about their health care options and enabled them to pre-enroll with Covered California – the state’s new marketplace for private healthcare coverage created by the state legislature to implement President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.  The event featured a panel discussion with representatives from Chinese Community Health Plan, Healthy San Francisco, and AARP.  The panelists discussed a health care enrollment services available to Chinese speakers, how Obamacare affects those currently receiving health care through San Francisco’s Department of Health but must obtain health insurance during Obamacare’s open enrollment period, and Medicare changes.

“Many people took their first step in obtaining affordable, quality health care,” added Ting.  “We must seize the moment and help each other because this is a life-changing opportunity.  We all know someone with no insurance or inadequate care.  That is why I am organizing more of these community gatherings in the future.”

Ting Calls San Francisco Delegation Trip to China “a Huge Success”

(San Francisco, CA) – Assemblymember Philip Y. Ting (D-San Francisco) hailed San Francisco’s Trade and Friendship Mission to China last week as “a huge success.”

“Our countries have much to learn from each other,” said Ting.  “As the world’s largest economies, the future of our relationship will change the world.”

As a member of the Trade and Friendship Mission, Ting met with a range of Chinese business leaders and dignitaries representing infrastructure development, telecommunications, green technology, and film.  In Mayor Edwin Lee’s absence, in Beijing, Ting was asked to lead the delegation and represent the delegation through many speeches in English and Mandarin.

Gov. Brown Signs Bill to Protect Kids from Gun Tragedies

SACRAMENTO –  Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation authored by Assemblymembers Philip Y. Ting (D-San Francisco) and Jimmy Gomez (D-Northeast Los Angeles) that will hold gun owners criminally responsible for not storing their weapons outside of the reach of children.

“This will save the lives of innocent children across California,” said Ting.  “When unsupervised children get their hands on guns, their curiosity can lead to disaster.  Gun owners must be held to account for failing to properly store deadly weapons.  Now, a disaster need not occur for an irresponsible gun owner to be prosecuted.”

Ting, Bay Area Farmers Announce New Program Promoting Community Gardens

San Francisco, CA – Urban farmers from around the Bay Area showcased their produce at a community garden to celebrate the recent enactment of a state law authored by Assemblymember Philip Y. Ting (D-San Francisco) that will fuel the expansion of urban agriculture through enabling local governments to provide a new tax incentive to the owners of idle land plots.

“Urban farms and gardens started as people wanted to access to organic and healthy food in their neighborhoods,” said Ting.  “The success we have seen in San Francisco has spurred growth all around the Bay Area and state.  This new program hopes to catalyze this growth and encourage every community to grow their own food.”