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Ting Comments on Agreement to Fund Health and Developmental Services

(San Francisco, CA) – The California State Legislature approved a bipartisan agreement today to reform health and developmental services funding through restructuring a tax paid by managed care organizations to preserve access to federal funds.  The agreement was reached within a special session of the Legislature convened by Governor Jerry Brown last June.

“This deal will save lives by ensuring that more vulnerable Californians get the care they need,” said Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco).  “It took years to revisit tough cuts to health care and developmental services made during the Great Recession and months of work to put this agreement together.  Today’s vote is not a Leap Day miracle.  It’s just the right thing to do.  Let’s keep our momentum going, strike while the iron is hot, and find a way to fund our state’s unmet infrastructure investment needs.”

API Lawmakers Push for Recognition of Lunar New Year in California

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) – Assemblymembers Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) and Das Williams (D-Carpinteria), the Vice Chair and Chair of the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, announced new legislation to permanently recognize Lunar New Year in California.

Assembly Bill (AB) 2598 would designate Lunar New Year’s Day as having special significance to the State of California, encourage schools to conduct culturally appropriate activities and exercises in observance of the occasion, and directs the governor to annually proclaim the date corresponding with the lunar calendar as Lunar New Year’s Day.  The bill is also authored by Assemblymembers Rob Bonta (D-Alameda), Ed Chau (D-Arcadia), David Chu (D-San Francisco), Kansen Chu (D-San Jose) and Evan Low (D-Campbell) along with Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento).

New Legislation to Expand Equal Restroom Access in California

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) –Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) announced legislation to establish the nation’s most progressive restroom access law among the states.  AB 1732 would require single-occupancy restrooms in California businesses, government buildings, and public spaces to be identified as “all gender.”

#SignsoftheTimes"Restrooms are a necessity of life. Access to them influences our ability to participate in public life," said Ting. "Signs restricting single-use restroom access by gender create problems of convenience, fairness, and safety. They defy common sense, which is why many of us ignore them. 'All gender' signs will end these problems and ensure everyone's rights are protected."

Ting Comments on Governor Brown’s State of the State Address

(Sacramento, CA) – Assemblymember Phil Ting (D–San Francisco), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation, issued the following statement about Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State Address.  Ting’s statement follows.

“California is at a turning point and it’s time for big ideas.  We are investing more than ever in education, leading the charge on climate change, and saving to cushion the inevitable return of tougher days.  As we resume unfinished business with healthcare and infrastructure funding, we cannot ignore larger questions about revenue.  We need a plan to make California stronger.  Voter approved taxes are phasing out and our financial stability makes this the perfect time to pursue tax reform.  A range of tax initiatives may reach the ballot this fall and elected leaders cannot sit on the sidelines.  We must rise to the occasion and upgrade our tax code for the 21st Century.  This will bring the state greater stability and enable us to continue investing in a more prosperous future for our citizens and our economy.”

Proposed State Law to Allow Local Tour Bus Safety Inspection Programs

SF Supervisors Ready to Act on New Authority to Protect the Public

(San Francisco, CA) – Flanked by supporters at City Hall, Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) announced new legislation he authored, along with Assemblymember David Chiu (D- San Francisco) and Senator Jerry Hill (D-San Mateo), to increase tour bus safety inspections by allowing communities to operate their own safety inspection programs.

“The state’s inadequate inspection system cannot be our only option to ensure public safety,” said Assemblymember Ting.  “Dangerous buses fall through the cracks, causing preventable tragedies on our streets.  We must be able to take charge and protect ourselves.  Innocent people are paying the price for failure and it’s time for big changes that will help us reduce traffic fatalities.”

Ting Comments on Election of Anthony Rendon as Next Assembly Speaker

(Sacramento, CA) – Assemblymember Phil Ting (D–San Francisco) issued the following statement after a vote of the California State Assembly confirming Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) as the next Speaker.

“Rendon has the chops we need to get things done.  His leadership was instrumental in crafting breakthrough agreements on complicated issues, like water and clean energy, from which he has earned the respect of his colleagues.  I look forward to working with him to improve education in California and admire his desire to chart a new course for early childhood education.  Education is the greatest gift and we need to act while our children are younger to position them for greater success in life.”

Ting Comments on Governor’s Proposed Budget

(Sacramento, CA) – Assemblymember Phil Ting (D–San Francisco), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation, issued the following statement about Governor Jerry Brown’s proposed state budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.  Released today, a breakdown of the Governor’s spending plan is available online at  Ting’s statement follows.

“California needs a budget that broadens opportunity while responsibly saving for the future.  We are making great progress.  Our rainy day fund is growing and unprecedented investments in education are positioning our kids for better success in life.  We must fulfill the promise of an affordable college degree for all students who work hard.  It is encouraging to see the Governor accelerate vital education reforms for high needs students and to extend them to early childhood education so that more of our kids can fulfill their potential.  Enduring challenges surround funding for healthcare, upgrading our infrastructure, and fighting climate change.  With a range of potential tax initiatives coming to the ballot this fall, elected leaders cannot simply sit on the sidelines like spectators.  We must do the job we were elected to perform and, by coming together, we can leave California better off than we found it.”

Health Experts Urge Governor Brown To Sign Ting Bill Requiring Multi-lingual Prescription Drug Information

(San Francisco, CA) –  Health experts joined Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) at Chinese Hospital to urge Governor Jerry Brown to sign legislation that will help 6.5 million Californians with limited English proficiency understand their medications by requiring pharmacists to distribute translations of drug information materials.

Ting’s Assembly Bill (AB) 1073 is now pending Governor Jerry Brown’s signature or veto by October 11.  It is a breakthrough in what has been a years-long fight to help patients with limited English proficiency to access prescription medicine information that they can understand.  Up to now, pharmacies have only been required to provide oral translation services over the phone.