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Ting Chooses Japanese Community Youth Council As His District's Nonprofit of the Year

JCYC was honored at the State Capitol on June 7, 2023

Theh organization focuses toddlers to high school seniors, offering robust programs in child development, leadership training, college preparation and job readiness. Such dedication has impacted thousands of lives since 1970 with locations touching every corner of our district, from San Francisco’s westside to San Mateo County’s Daly City. We are fortunate to have a tireless and committed organization as part of our community. Read more about their good work here.

Higher Jury Pay Under Ting Bill Approved By The Assembly

More juries in California may soon be more racially and economically diverse, thanks to today’s approval in the Assembly of AB 881 by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco). Under the bill, jury pay in criminal trials would increase from $15 a day to $100 a day for low-to-moderate income jurors. 

While originally a statewide proposal, the amended legislation now creates a pilot program in five counties: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Alameda, Kern and Monterey. California, like many states, requires employers to provide time off for jury duty, but they don’t have to pay their employees while serving. In turn, many workers often seek to be excused from their civic duty, so they can go to their jobs to earn more money.

Assembly Approves Ting’s “Skip the Slip” Legislation To Reduce Waste & Limit Exposure to Chemically Coated Paper Receipts

Paper receipt, e-receipt or no receipt? The California State Assembly today approved AB 1347/Skip-The-Slip by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), giving consumers a choice over how they would like their proof-of-purchase. The legislation encourages greater adoption of electronic receipts in California starting next year to reduce the environmental impacts and the health risks posed by the paper version. 

“In this digital age, customers should have options. It doesn’t make sense to kill so many trees and produce billions pounds of carbon emissions when we buy a cup of coffee or a pack of gum,” said Ting. “AB 1347 gives customers a choice, allowing for a paper receipt when it’s needed.”

Wash Post: 'Granny Flats’ Play Surprising Role in Easing CA’s Housing Woes

State & local policies have made accessory dwelling units easier to build in recent years, and homeowners are signing up in droves

... Multifamily properties are incredibly difficult to build in the state’s major cities for reasons including lack of space, environmental laws, andneighborhood opposition. But build an ADU — a small detached house with its own utilities and entryway — and practically no one bats an eye.Multiplied thousands of times over, as has been occurring in recent years, and the structures begin to look like an important, if only partial,solution to the state’s affordable housing needs.

NBC Bay Area:

A plan to save lives in San Francisco and beyond, a unique mass casualty training called "Stop the Bleed" was held today to teach people to stop bleeding after accidents or mass shootings before emergency personnel get there. There was hands on instruction on using tourniquets and gauze pads. Californians Won’t Have To Pay State Taxes On Canceled Federal Student Loans

As part of a slate of budget bills signed by Gov. Newsom is an income tax exemption on student loans forgiven because of the pandemic

While the Supreme Court mulls the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan, California moved to provide some relief to borrowers who had student loans forgiven during the pandemic.

Part of a slate of budget bills signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom earlier this week is legislation exempting Californians from paying income taxes on forgiven federal student loans and some pandemic-era emergency grants.