From Assemblymember Phil Ting

Census Crunch Time

California receives more than $400 billion in federal funding annually. With COVID-19 straining state budgets, those resources will be increasingly important over the next several years to support vital services, such as education, public safety, transportation, healthcare and more.

But our share of federal funding to support these programs is at risk because fewer residents have filled out the 2020 Census compared to past years. For every person missed in the population count, California loses out on $10,000 from Washington D.C. over a decade.

With the September 30 deadline quickly approaching, we need to boost participation in the census. Our district currently has a 70.4% self-response rate, but needs more residents from low response areas, such as the Marina/Cow Hollow, San Francisco State, Daly City and Lake Merced, to fill out the questionnaire.

All answers are confidential, regardless of immigration status. If you haven't done so yet, please complete the Census form in one of the following ways by the end of the month:

  • Online:
  • Phone: 844-330-2020
  • Mail: Return the form you received in April

An inaccurate population count may also result in fewer representatives in Congress, diminishing California's voice. So, if you've already filled yours out, make sure to spread the word to friends and family too. We all need to stand up and be counted.

Stay safe,


Phil Ting
Assemblymember, 19th District

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