From Assemblymember Phil Ting

State Makes Big Investments in Education

California begins its new fiscal year with an incredible and historic state budget - one that makes me proud to be the Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee. Throughout the month of July, I'll highlight some of the investments we've made and how they will make life better for our residents.

With two daughters in public schools, I'm excited to see the state devoting additional resources to public education. From early childhood through college, we want to make sure every kid has the opportunity to succeed.

  • Early Childhood A great start in life provides a strong foundation for students' K-12 years. The state takes steps recommended by the Assembly's Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education, on which I was proud to serve, to help working families:
    • 11,000 more childcare vouchers and slots
    • 10,000 new full day pre-school slots
    • $500 million for childcare & kindergarten facilities
  • K-12 Education We're making great strides to improve public education in California, spending a record $81 billion:
    • Per pupil spending rises to more than $12,000
    • Historic $645 million investment in special education
    • $50 million for Child Savings Account programs that help families prepare for college expenses
  • Higher Education To keep our economy strong and healthy, we need a workforce that can keep up with changing times:
    • 15,000 more enrollment slots at UC and CSU for California high school students
    • The College Promise extends free tuition to the second year of community college
    • 15,000 more Cal Grant awards, the largest increase since the program started 20 years ago

Education helps kids pursue their dreams. The state should play a role in making them come true.



Phil Ting
Assemblymember, 19th District

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