State Bills Force Changes to City’s ADU Ordinance

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Publication: Claremont-Courier

Big changes from the state are coming to Claremont’s ADU ordinance just weeks after it was passed by the city. 

Three bills—AB 68, AB 881 and SB 13—designed to spur construction of ADUs, better known as back houses or granny flats, will take effect on January 1.

Building more ADUs has been identified as one way to hack away at the current housing crisis in California. Instead of having one house on a single-family property, a homeowner can build another, smaller home on their lot if they have the means and desire to do so.


AB 68, authored by Assemblyman Phil Ting, prohibits minimum lot sizes on which to build an ADU and allows for one ADU and one “junior ADU” on a single property.

The city’s current guidelines allow for ADUs on lots more than 6,000 square feet. While the majority of Claremont residential properties already qualify under the existing code, AB 68 would free it up even more. 

“Essentially every single family-size lot is eligible to apply for an ADU,” Mr. Johnson said.

A junior ADU can be significantly smaller than a regular-sized ADU, and could have a hot plate instead of a full kitchen, Mr. Johnson said.