Wildfire, Drought, and Climate Resiliency

Climate change poses serious threats to the safety and prosperity of Californians. Among the consequences? It has created hotter, drier conditions, plunging us into another drought.

As the Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, I helped secure $15 billion to address and reduce California's climate risks. Of that, about one-third over the next four years will go to drought response efforts, the conservation, expansion and protection of water supplies, and the restoration of natural areas and ecosystems. These plans will help address the immediate struggles of Californians, while also investing in our long-term water needs.

When drought is paired with a century of fire suppression, the climate crisis has resulted in fuel conditions optimal for rampant wildfires, as we're seeing today. The 2021 fire season is on pace to rival last year's record number of acres burned. To address the danger, the budget invests $1.5 billion over three years toward wildfire resilience efforts. The funding will improve public safety by increasing the pace and scale of forest management projects, expand fire-adapted homes and communities, and improve stewardship of state lands.

But resiliency, our ability to bounce back, is only half of the climate change battle. I will continue to push for legislation that promotes renewable energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions to help slow the negative impacts on our planet. We must ensure the earth is healthy for our children, grandchildren and generations to come.

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