With the increasing adoption of e-receipts, paper receipts have become unnecessary. They waste a lot environmental resources and have harmful chemicals that can be absorbed through our skin just by touching them. If you support making paper receipts available only upon request, please sign our petition to skip the slip!
Moving California Toward e-Receipts

You've probably gotten some of those ridiculously long receipts while shopping - even when we don't need them. Adding to the annoyance, the receipt often includes coupons, special promotions and/or surveys, making them longer than necessary. It's time to move this practice into the digital age.

To help preserve our natural resources and reduce our exposure to potentially harmful chemicals added to those proofs of purchases, I've introduced AB 1347, known as Skip the Slip legislation. It would require California businesses to give a receipt only when a customer requests one, either a hard copy or an electronic version. The paper version cannot be longer than necessary, and it must be Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Bisphenol-S (BPS)-free.

Green America reports more than 3 million trees and 10 billion gallons of water in the United States are used to create paper receipts every year. In addition, the process generates 302 million pounds of waste and 4 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of nearly a half-million cars on the road. Plus, the BPA/BPS that coats receipts are known endocrine disruptors that can cause developmental and neurological problems, rendering paper receipts neither recyclable nor compostable.

AB1347 Skip the Slip Photo

Let's embrace the digital age and move toward e-receipts. CVS & Whole Foods have taken steps to reduce paper receipt waste. More companies should do so. AB 1347 is expected to be heard in committee this spring. In the meantime, please sign my petition in support of Skip the Slip.

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