From Assemblymember Phil Ting

Gun Liability Tops My 2022 Bill List

It's heartbreaking to hear stories from mothers like Loren Lieb, who tried to sue the gun industry for a 1999 day care shooting that traumatized her young son. And because of a federal law that gives near immunity to firearms manufacturers and dealers, her civil lawsuit did not get far in U.S. courts.

I aim to change that and make our streets safer. The California Legislature reconvened this week, and the first proposal I introduced, AB 1594, allows public citizens like you, as well as state and local governments, to sue the gun industry for the harm their products cause. My hope is the threat of civil litigation will compel the makers and sellers of firearms to take every step possible to follow our state's comprehensive gun laws that prevent illegal sales and theft.

It's unfair that almost every industry in the United State can be held liable for what their products do, yet the gun industry is not held to the same standard. I believe those responsible for the manufacturing, sale, distribution and marketing of firearms should be held liable under state law when such activities create a public nuisance - defined as contributing to conditions that endanger the health or safety of others or engaging in unfair business practices.

A co-sponsor of AB 1594 is the Brady Campaign, and Ms. Lieb, the mother I mentioned earlier, is a volunteer there and will play a role in trying to get my bill passed. I'm excited about this partnership. Hearings will likely start in March, and I will keep you updated on its progress.

Here's to a great 2022,


Assemblymember, 19th District

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