Going After Organized Retail Theft

Videos shown on news outlets and social media have captured large groups of thieves stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise in a matter of minutes. This crime can be devastating to the business, traumatic for workers, and unsafe for shoppers. The loss often leads to higher prices for consumers.

To help crack down on these brazen smash-and-grabs, the state is stepping in with funding I championed with Governor Newsom. Nearly $270 million in grants have been made available to law enforcement, making this California's largest single investment to combat organized retail crime.

I'm happy to report that our Assembly district will receive some of this state funding, ensuring agencies have the resources they need to stop organized theft rings:

  • San Francisco Police: $15 million
  • San Mateo County Sheriff: $15 million
  • Daly City Police: $8 million
  • San Francisco District Attorney's Office: $2 million

These three-year grants can be used to staff retail theft investigative units, install advanced surveillance technology, foster increased cooperation with businesses and the community, conduct blitz operations, and dedicate prosecutors to these specific cases. By working together, we can push back against these organized criminals.

I know there are other illegal activities that need similar attention, and the Legislature is looking at more ways to enhance state/local partnerships to help make our neighborhoods safer.



Assemblymember, 19th District

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