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Get your COVID-19 & Flu Shots

It's time to boost your immunity to avoid a "twindemic," when both flu and COVID-19 simultaneously spike and overwhelm our health system. As winter looms, health experts are worried about the upcoming flu season, warning it could come roaring back after failing to materialize last year when we were shut down due to COVID-19. A flu shot can help protect you, and there are plenty of sites in our district to get one:

  • San Francisco residents can click here.
  • San Mateo County residents can click here.

Regarding the coronavirus, the FDA has authorized certain older adults, health workers and other vulnerable individuals to receive booster shots for additional safeguards against COVID-19. Please contact your doctor or health care provider for guidance on when or if you will need one. If you do, you can schedule an appointment by visiting The same link can also be used if you need to start your COVID-19 vaccine regiment. Fully vaccinated Californians then can access their digital vaccination record here.

The Centers for Disease Control says it's okay to get both your flu and COVID-19 shot in the same visit. But as always, consult your doctor or health care provider on what's right for you. The more people get both vaccines, the better our chances of fending off two pandemics happening at the same time.


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