Another Successful Legislative Year

With the legislative year wrapped up, I wanted to highlight some of my key bills that the Governor recently signed into law:

AB 1817: Bans toxic substances called PFAS from fabrics. While these "forever chemicals" make clothing and other textiles water or stain resistant, they are harmful to human health and the environment.

AB 2061: Requires the collection of uptime data on publicly funded electric vehicle chargers. We must ensure access is equitable across all communities.

AB 2147: Legalizes safe crossings outside of an intersection when the streets are clear. Jaywalking has been unevenly enforced throughout the state, disproportionately impacting communities of color.

AB 2448: Promotes civil rights protections under a pilot program so customers feel safe in businesses amid unrelenting Asian hate.

AB 2594: Reforms the way late fees and penalties are assessed on unpaid bridge/road tolls. The current electronic system unfairly hurts unbanked individuals who are just trying to get to work.

I am also a principal co-author on SB 1013, which improves recycling and reduces waste by adding bottles from wine and distilled spirits to California's CRV program. The bill also creates new opportunities for consumers to get their deposits back. My office and I have worked hard for years on this issue to bring industry representatives and environmentalists together and iron out an agreement.

Earlier this year, the Governor signed my gun safety legislation, allowing private citizens and local/state governments to sue gun manufacturers and dealers for the harm their products cause.

As always, thank you for the honor of representing you in the California State Assembly. If you have any questions on my legislation, or have ideas for next year, please call my district office at 415-557-2312. 

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