My statement regarding the passage of AB 1838/SB 852:

Thursday, June 28, 2018

My statement regarding the passage of AB 1838/SB 852It’s a terrible dilemma: choose either a temporary halt to taxing grocery items or a permanent requirement mandating a two-thirds vote on local tax increases. Given the difficulty in reaching the 66% threshold and the importance of retaining flexibility to raise revenue for ever-growing local needs, we had no choice but to take the lesser of two evils. Without a way to meet the rising costs of critical services, necessities like public safety, education and transportation would surely suffer cuts. For instance, San Francisco’s Prop G, a parcel tax that funds pay raises for teachers, passed earlier this month with 60.76% of the vote. If the restrictive initiative bankrolled by billionaire corporations became law, Prop G would be invalidated even though the majority of voters agreed with it, resulting in more hardworking teachers leaving our expensive city. AB 1838/SB 872 is our only option for a viable future. But that doesn’t mean our work against diabetes, obesity and other negative effects from sugary drinks is over. We will continue to fight for a healthy California.